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I KILLED JFK is a groundbreaking documentary special on James Files that reveals his relationship to the JFK assassination, and features rare, never-before-seen footage and 20 interviews, from witnesses, participants, historians, and from Files himself. James Files, nor anyone in this film, received any compensation for these interviews and Files remains the only living person in history to have admitted to shooting President John F. Kennedy. His story will blow you away.


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THE RARE INTERVIEWS OF THE LAST LIVING EXPERTS ON THEJFK ASSASSINATION is a very rare collection of interviews of a panel discussion filmed in 2017, with some of the most respected JFK assassination experts in the world including Judyth Vary Baker (Oswald’s lover and author of the best selling book "Me and Lee"), Gordon Ferrie (US government, intelligence, and national security expert), Barr McClellan (Best selling author of the book "Blood, Money, and Power"), Zack Shelton (Retired FBI Special Agent), and Jim Marrs (1963 Dallas Journalist and author of the New York Times best seller "Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy" which was a basis for Oliver Stone’s film JFK). The stories they have to tell will change your life forever.


$ 20.00 each plus shipping for each unit (Shipping time is 7 - 10 days)
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